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All Exterior Painting


All Interior Painting


Airless Painting of Paving and parking areas


Flooring (twin pack epoxy)


Airless painting of IBR and corrugated roofs


Airless Painting of IBR and plastered buildings


Airless painting of clay, slate and asbestos tiles


Roller and Brush Painting of buildings


Complete house painting done by 1 Day Painters


Airless painting of thermal roof paint


Swimming pools and ponds


Welcome to 1 Day Painters and Waterproofing contractors Strand | Somerset West | Stellenbosch | Gordons Bay

1 Day Painters is a specialized Airless Painting, Painting and Waterproofing painting contractors company based in the Strand and Somerset West area that can spray up to 3000 sq/m in ONE day. Our qualified personnel have a combined experience of 50 years in the industry and we take pride in ensuring only the best workmanship and service. We are able to guarantee the best workmanship and service by ensuring that qualified and experienced personnel are always available on-site for single- or multi-site projects.

Past challenges have taught and enabled us to overcome obstacles with a “can-do” attitude. We are well equipped and our flagship equipment include a number of imported 230 bar, petrol driven, airless painting machines, that minimizes cost and ensures that projects are completed up to 10 times faster than conventional painting with rollers and manpower.

We have a standing working relationship with, and proudly serve, some of the largest companies in Southern Africa. Related references on all work done can be provided upon request.

Free quotations will be given in the Strand, Stellenbosch, Somerset West and Gordons Bay area and surroundings (Western Cape). Please contact us to find out if your town falls in our free quotation area. Applying protective coatings for roofs, floors and buildings since 1994.

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